Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G)



C2GDiscuss 是一系列由不同专家主持的深入对话,讨论改变气候方法的一些治理挑战。他们的目的是鼓励人们就决策者在气候变化方面所面临的一些最棘手的问题进行对话,无论是现在还是将来。

C2GLearn 是一系列的在线活动,旨在促进对改变气候的方法及其管理的学习。这些活动包括正式的网络研讨会和非正式的 "篝火聊天",全年定期举行,并提供问答机会,由国际领先的专家和从业人员参加。



MAR 13, 2023 Podcast

C2GTalk: How can companies ensure carbon dioxide removal has a positive impact? with Amy Luers

New thinking is needed to ensure high-quality nature-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR) offers genuine and long-lasting benefits to the climate and biodiversity, says Amy Luers, ...

FEB 6, 2023 Podcast

C2GTalk: How will global warming impact society, both economically and socially? with Paulo Artaxo

Research on solar radiation modification is needed, especially in the Global South, to understand whether it could be an option for reducing climate risk, says ...

JAN 23, 2023 Podcast

C2GDiscuss: Youth Perspectives on the Governance of Solar Radiation Modification in the Face of Global Warming Overshoot

Moderated by C2G’s Executive Director Janos Pasztor, this "C2GDiscuss" podcast features a diverse all-youth panel of speakers discuss their perspectives about the ...

DEC 12, 2022 Podcast

C2GTalk: Why did the Saami Council oppose Harvard's SCoPEx experiment? with Åsa Larsson Blind

In 2021 the Saami Council effectively stopped Harvard University's Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), which aimed to examine the behavior of stratospheric aerosols which could potentially ...

NOV 14, 2022 Podcast

C2GTalk: What are the challenges facing international governance of solar radiation modification? with Marcos Regis da Silva

The fragmentation of international environmental governance creates challenges for states looking to create governance for solar radiation modification (SRM), says Dr. Marcos Regis da Silva, ...