Eddie Mandhry

Schmidt Futures; Carnegie Council Trustee

Eddie Mandhry is a senior fellow at Schmidt Futures, leading the development of distributed talent research networks focused on the science of identifying and supporting talent.

He was most recently director for Africa and the Middle East at Yale where he led the university president’s Africa Initiative, and advanced Yale’s bi-directional partnerships across Africa and the Middle East. Mandhry's work was at the intersection of people, ideas, and institutions pursuing innovative solutions to urgent global challenges through cutting-edge research spanning the sciences, humanities, and arts.

Prior to joining Yale, Mandhry was the associate director of NYU Africa House, and the NYU Abu Dhabi Center for Technology & Economic Development supporting collaborative research networks focused on economic theory, global labor markets, migration, and the impact of technology on development. Previous to that he was the Washington, DC director of Global Kids Inc.

Mandhry holds an MSc. in international relations from the London School of Economics, and a BA in political science/African studies from Hampshire College.


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