AI for Information Accessibility Podcast

A podcast from Carnegie Council

How can AI be made inclusive?

AI can be very beneficial to society, but if abused, it can also be very harmful. The AI for Information Accessibility podcast (AI4IA), therefore, raises a range of issues, including the relationship between AI and law, AI and ethics, AI and media, and the right to knowledge, creativity, and innovation. It is necessary to understand how AI can be made inclusive, enabling the widest cross-section of society. This podcast provides a platform for open discourse involving participants from academia, civil society, the private sector, and government.

The AI4IA podcast series is in association with the Artificial Intelligence for Information Accessibility Conference, which took place on September 28, 2022 to commemorate the International Day for Universal Access to Information. The AI4IA Conference and the podcast series were also hosted in collaboration with AI4Society and the Kule Institute for Advanced Studies, both at the University of Alberta; the Centre for New Economic Diplomacy at the Observer Research Foundation in India; and the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica.




DEC 5, 2022 Podcast

AI for Information Accessibility: Gender Equity in AI, with Dr. Eleni Stroulia & Dr. Martha White

In the final episode of the "AI for Information Accessibility" podcast, host Ayushi Khemka talks to Dr. Eleni Stroulia and Dr. Martha White, both professors ...

NOV 1, 2022 Podcast

AI for Information Accessibility: AI, Law, & Social Justice, with Judge Isabela Ferrari & Dr. Kobi Leins

In this episode of the "AI & Information Accessibility" podcast, host Ayushi Khemka discusses issues around AI, law and social justice with guests Isabela Ferrari, a ...

OCT 6, 2022 Podcast

人工智能促进信息无障碍。伦理与哲学,与Emad Mousavi和Paolo Verdini合作

在本集的 "信息无障碍的人工智能 "播客中,主持人Ayushi Khemka与Emad Mousavi和Paolo Verdini进行了交谈,他们都是美国大学的博士生。

SEP 20, 2022 Podcast

人工智能促进信息可及性。智能增强 "的伦理,与拉斯洛-Z-卡尔瓦利克斯合作

在本集《信息无障碍的人工智能》播客中,主持人Ayushi Khemka与Laszlo Karvalics的创始董事讨论了人工智能背后的深刻历史。

SEP 13, 2022 Podcast

人工智能促进信息无障碍。该系列的序幕,与Cordel Green合作

在这个新的信息无障碍人工智能播客的介绍中,主持人Ayushi Khemka讨论了2022年信息无障碍人工智能会议的目标 ...